Join Us for a Virtual College of Arts and Sciences Session

    Please use the calendar to the right to register for the following virtual opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences:
    July 611 a.m.TheatreDr. Marti LoMonaco
    July 711 a.m.MusicDr. Laura Nash
    July 811 a.m.EnglishDr. Emily Orlando
    July 911 a.m.International Studies/International BusinessDr. David Crawford
    July 1411 a.m.Environmental StudiesDr. Brian Walker
    July 1511 a.m.PhysicsDr. Jonathan Stott
    July 1611 a.m.HistoryDr. Jennifer Adair
    July 2011 a.m.PoliticsDr. David Downie
    July 2111 a.m.Studio ArtDr. Marice Rose
    July 2211 a.m.PsychologyDr. Margaret McClure
    July 2311 a.m.Art History & Visual CultureDr. Marice Rose
    July 2411 a.m.Modern Languages and LiteraturesDr. Michelle Farrell
    July 2711 a.m.CommunicationDr. Sean Horan
    July 2811 a.m.Religious StudiesDr. Lydia Willsky-Ciollo
    July 2911 a.m.PhilosophyDr. Sara Brill
    July 3011 a.m.MathematicsDr. Irene Mulvey
    July 3111 a.m.EducationDr. Ryan Colwell
    August 411 a.m.Sociology & AnthropologyDr. Rachelle Brunn-Bevel
    August 511 a.m.Chemistry & BiochemistryDr. Matt Kubasik
    August 611 a.m.BiologyDr. Geoff Church
    August 1111 a.m.Health ProfessionsDr. Geoff Church
    August 1311 a.m.Film, Television and Media ArtsPatrick Brooks, MFA
    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled